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DECAF Colombia Acevedo E. A.


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Tasting Notes:  milk chocolate, nougat, strawberry, stone fruit

Our new DECAF seasonal offering is an exciting one!  This coffee is decaffeinated via a new technology using sugar cane by-product called Ethyl Acetate.  It’s a natural plant based chemical from sugarcane processing and results in maintaining much of the integrity of the coffee cell structure that is normally lost in other decaffeinated processes.

Origin Colombia
Region Huila, Acevedo
Farm Association of Farmers
Variety Caturra, Colombia
Altitude 1300–1700 masl
Proc. Method Decaf E.A.

Asociacion de Productores Primaveral is a group of 21 farming families near the town of Acavedo in the State of Huila in Southern Colombia. Together, they have about 120 hectares of land in production, growing mainly Caturra with a little bit of Variedad Colombia at 1,300 to 1,700 meters. This is an absolutely stunning part of the world, rich with tropical fruit, flowers, birds, insects, and a deeply colored, heavy sky that seems close enough to touch. Coffee in this region is hand-picked with usually four to five passes throughout the harvest season, picking only ripe cherry. The coffee is depulped, washed, fermented overnight, and laid out to dry on raised beds with a parabolic cover to keep out the rain and dew.

We have been working on a program with this group of producers where we offer them an additional 135,000 P\pesos per carga (250 lbs) when they tender coffee below 11% moisture and above 86 points on the cupping table. For coffees that are above 88 points, we keep them separate by producer and call them microlots, and, of course, pay even more. They have been extremely pleased with these premiums, and we are happy to be able to develop for market, some of the best coffees in this region of Colombia.

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