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Baratza Virtuoso


***All grinders are subject to availability.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping if we are out of stock***

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The Virtuoso is a step up from the Encore and also features conical burrs. With a sharp looking cast zinc upper casing and base, this grinder immediately catches the eye. Besides being nice to look at, it excels at a consistent coarse grind, and readily produces espresso fine grind. Like the Encore, the Virtuoso has an intermittent pulse button, but on the side of the machine it has a 60 second timer switch. The timer switch is nice to have over the on/off switch of the Encore, because you can turn it a quarter of the way or so when grinding by dose. The machine will chug through the beans and power itself off while you prepare your filter/brew equipment. With a max throughput of around 2 grams a second, the Virtuoso is very efficient and quick enough for impatient coffee connoisseurs.


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