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Ty & Kami Paluska,  Steven & Haly Elmore, and Daniel Williamson  individually all shared a big dream. We all dreamed of creating a coffee shop matching and exceeding the quality of the best shops in the nation, and fostering the type of community coffee seems to create.

Through good fortune, we all found each other and quickly realized we could achieve that dream. With our shared philosophy and unique individual skills, it was immediately clear that, as a team, we could open such a shop, and thirty-thirty Coffee Co. was conceived.

Ty Paluska brings with him his experience in shop management and customer service, and his fine skills as a barista. Daniel Williamson brings roasting know-how and experience along with excellent his barista skills. Steven Elmore is experienced in business ownership, marketing, and  he has an obsession for great coffee. Having three of us with specific specialties is an enormous benefit because it allows each team member to focus and excel in their area of expertise. After months of brainstorming and strategizing we three, with a strong business plan, great passion, and a stroke of good luck, acquired the support of a fourth member willing to help with financing and thirty-thirty Coffee Company LLC was truly born!

The name thirty-thirty Coffee Co. derives from the fact that the vast majority of gourmet specialty coffee is farmed between 30 degrees north and 30 degrees south of the earth’s equator. Bearing that in mind, it is within these latitudes that thirty-thirty Coffee Co. will acquire its beans.
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