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Daniel Williamson (Co-owner)- Cafe Manager/Roastmaster/In-House Trainer

When I’m not roasting, cupping, training, or slinging spro, my favorite activities revolve around the outdoors.  I love camping, backpacking, fishing, and woodworking.  My all-time favorite backpacking trip was a post-high school roadtrip to Alaska with some of my best friends…over 11,000 miles driving during 6 weeks.  There’s no feeling quite like standing on a mountain top miles from any other soul.  I can’t wait to be standing on my first coffee growing mountain as a tie between my passions.


Favorite Origin: Panama Esmeralda Especial Geisha

Favorite Drink: A perfectly balanced cappuccino (so hard to come by)

Superpower: Fire

Something Personal: I hate fixies


Steven Elmore (Co-owner) – Office Manager/Business/Wholesale Manager

After a serious automobile accident that left me a C-5 – C-6 quadriplegic (a life changing experience to say the least (no I’m not overly sensitive about my condition)) I became obsessed with coffee and coffee culture. It was a natural step to utilize my prior business and marketing experience in the field I love so much. When not attending to coffee matters I require time to read, read, and read and am more than willing to discuss, ad nauseam, any subject I am familiar with. Although it does not typically coincide with my coffee family, immediate and distant, I am a fanatic for nearly all forms of motor-sports.


Favorite Origin: Ethiopia Nekisse

Favorite Drink: Traditional Cappuccino

Superpower: Setting off airport and courthouse metal detectors

Something Personal: I consider philosophy a hobby


Haly Elmore  (Co-owner) – Cafe Administrator/Barista/Brew Tech

Hi. I’m Haly. Ty calls me Haly my Pal-y, because I’m just that kind of girl. I started out on this crazy adventure with these boys I love so much (Steve (my husband), Ty and Dan) and couldn’t be happier. Through coffee I’ve met a world of amazing people. I wear a lot of hats around here, so you’ll see me around. I love love love my coffee family, my lovelies, and enjoy spending my days with them. If I’m not making Sarah a macchiato I’m reading, hanging with Steve, watching movies (preferably zombie ones) or just puttering around the shop. So stop in and get a cup of something from the amazing crew here. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.


Favorite Origin: I don’t want to say Hachira. You’ll think we’re all drones.

Favorite Drink: Macchiato or hot chocolate (What?! We make amazing chocolate. Don’t pick on me Dan!!)

Superpower: Putting up with three headstrong men everyday while not simultaneously losing my mind or kicking them in the shins.

Something Personal:  I love zombies. I love the squishy, crunchy, chomping sounds of zombie movies.


Sarah Trost – Barista/Brew Tech

Sarah TrostI’m Sarah Trost; my name rhymes with toast. Born and raised in Peoria. I enjoy coffee and baking and freedom. I get to make one of the best things in life with some of the best people I know, so I guess you could say I’ve got it good.


Favorite Origin: I enjoy South American coffees

Favorite Drink: Pour-over or macchiato

Superpower: Better and faster

Something Personal: I like cookies….a lot

Trey Mowder- Barista/Brew Tech

Sup, I’m Trey. I have a degree in something or other from Bradley, but instead of trying to get the kind of job my parents want me to have in the field corresponding to my degree, I would rather wake up early to serve you coffee, or stay up late to serve you coffee, or just talk to you about coffee if you want, even if I’m not working. I’ll totally give you my number and you can call me and ask me about coffee. I may not have the answer, but we can have fun imagining what the answer may be, and I’ll find out for you, and then maybe a friendship will grow. If it does, I’ll try to make you laugh by making a bad pun, and I’ll tell you that I used to do stand-up in Chicago, but when you ask why I stopped, I won’t have a good answer. I’ll eventually tell you that I’m a vegan, and you’ll ask me about it every time we talk, and sometimes I’ll want to talk about it, and sometimes I won’t, and I apologize for those times. The last thing you’ll find out about me is that I’m a Christian, because I’ll think you’re cool and I won’t want to scare you away. Mostly, I’ll just talk to you about how much I love my job, and how it’s like my favorite job I’ve ever had, as long as you don’t get me started on the Beatles, in which case that’s what I’ll talk about the most.


Favorite Origin: Currently it’s the Ethiopia Hachira, but it changes with my mood.

Favorite Drink: I usually go with a pour over.

Superpower: Telekenisis, the most versatile power in my opinion. If you can control matter with your mind, then you can control anything made of matter, which includes being able to make your own body fly. So I mean like, if you have telekenisis, you have flying too.

Something Personal: I have a collection of 100 or so unique “to-go” coffee sleeves from all kinds of shops all over Illinois and a few other states.

Angie Hodel – Barista/Brew Tech


HodesHello, friends! My name’s Angie. I strive to surround myself with any thing that is beautiful and life-giving. First and foremost on this list is Jesus Christ, the most beautiful and life-giving being in existence. Secondly, my husband, Seth, who never fails to challenge, intrigue, and entertain. Coffee is a delightful marriage of the many loves in my life, including taste, community, artistry, and design. Each cup is an experience, whether it be an exciting flavor profile, or a familiar conversation with an old friend. It truly is a unique beverage, and I am thrilled to be interacting daily with people that prize it so highly. A few of my other interests include family, singing, theatre, thrifting, friends, crafting, theology, and cooking. So there ya have it!

Favorite Origin: I love them all, but fruity coffees make me weak in the knees, so Ethiopia tends to get my vote. Who can argue with the birthplace of coffee?
Favorite Drink: pour-over, macchiato, iced rosemary lavender latte
Superpower: Invulnerability & teleportation. Then I could be the new NASA. Just me, no lunar landers required. But I’d need to bring a friend that could manipulate gravity. So it’d be just us. We’d be the new NASA.
Something Personal: I am very, very afraid of frogs.
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