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Our philosophy is this: Good coffee, in its green (un-roasted) form, is perfect. It is thirty-thirty Coffee Co.’s responsibility to maintain that perfection through the roasting process and subsequently brewing. This task is exceedingly difficult in its simplicity. Coffee, above all else, is the focus. Our traditional meticulously crafted coffee and espresso based beverages exemplifies the less is more mentality.


We work tirelessly to ensure that each and every employee at thirty-thirty Coffee Co. possesses a bounty of information on coffee and every process it is subjected to from farm to cup. Furthermore, each employee is intimately familiar with the flavor profile of each bean and will go to great lengths to make sure each bean reaches its full potential.


Coffee has become a firmly integrated element in our culture, it invariably promotes socialization. Because of this it has a community all its own. We want to expand this community with thirty-thirty Coffee Co. while simultaneously adding to the community that is Peoria, Il. With that in mind we will actively participate in organizations that work towards the betterment of our community and others in need.

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