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Coffee is invariably our primary focus. Whether it’s providing a stellar cup in our shop or providing the knowledge and knowhow to prepare your own coffee at home in a wide variety of brewing methods (all of which will be exhibited within thirty-thirty Coffee Co.), or the importance of climate, differentiating between origins, farming history, or determining the flavor profile of each coffee-each and every employee is well versed in technique and possesses the knowledge to make your experience the best it can be. We all are eager and willing to educate.

thirty-thirty Coffee Co. aims to provide two specific amenities at all times: meticulously crafted coffee and espresso based beverages that never compromise on quality and an inclusive atmosphere focused on the finest hospitality one can find and a space that is conducive to work, study, and socialization.


Every owner and employee within thirty-thirty Coffee Co. shares, in common, an obsession for the coffee bean and all of its iterations. Coffee is not only our passion, an overarching philosophy, or the greatest community to be immersed in—it is truly our life.


We have worked tirelessly to design and build an environment that will suit, without compromise, each and every person who walks through our door. No matter what your occupation, we have a place for you.

Whether you need a quiet place to finish paperwork or a separate room in which to conduct a business meeting, we can accommodate you. We have designated areas specifically for business purposes.

Our numerous outlets, quality wi-fi, and versatile layout makes thirty-thirty Coffee Co. a perfect place for study. Our designated conference room and communal tables also makes us uniquely suited for group projects.

Communal seating and an inviting lounge area will make thirty-thirty Coffee Co. the perfect environment for socialization. Additionally, our occasional live shows will provide people of all ages an alternative to typical downtown activities.

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